Eddy Current

Eddy Current (Level 2 & 3)

In Eddy Current testing electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by an induced magnetic field. Distortions in the flow of the electric current (eddy currents) caused by imperfections or changes in a material’s conductive properties will cause changes in the induced magnetic field. These changes, when detected, indicate the presence of the imperfection or change in the test material.

Typical Applications
- Thickness Determination of Materials
- Conductivity Sorting of Materials
- Inspection of Welds
- Inspection of Aerospace Materials

Industries that use Eddy Current Testing
- Service Inspection Companies
- Smelters & Foundries
- Rolling & Forging Mills
- Petro Chemical & Refineries
- Mining & Mineral Processing
- Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Government Bodies
- Engineering Firms
- Research & Development Facilities
- Education & Training
- Equipment Manufacture & Sales
- Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment


Eddy Current Courses offered

Eddy Current Level 2 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 80 hours (10 classroom days) 
- Course Pre-requisites: Math², Materials Technology*
- Course Syllabus: Eddy Current Testing Level 2 (ET2) (pdf) 
- Enrolment Form: Eddy Current Course Enrolment Form (pdf) 

Eddy Current Level 3 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 40 hours (5 classroom days) 
- Course Pre-requisites: Current Eddy Current Level 2 (ET2) 
- Course Syllabus: Eddy Current Testing Level 3 (ET3) (pdf) 
- Enrolment Form: Level 3 Course Enrolment Form (pdf) 

*Materials Technology/Multisector (or knowledge of materials processes) is a recommended pre-requisite for all Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Completion of a Materials Technology course is not compulsory. However, most students without a formal background in materials technology/processes may find aspects of the industry specific exams difficult without completion of the Materials Technology (Multisector) course. 


General Information

Recommended Pre Course Study
- Basic Mathematics – Trigonometry and Algebra
- Basis Electrical Theory – Volt, Amp, Resistance, Impedance, Inductance

Pre Course Learning Tools and Assessments
- PreCourse LLN Revision Question Worksheet (pdf)
- PreCourse LLN Revision Answer Worksheet (pdf)
- Pre Course Math - Questions (pdf)
- Pre Course Math - Answers (pdf)
- Sin & Cos Visualisation (xls)
- Pre-course Assessment - Materials Technology (Multi-sector) Knowledge Test (pdf)

NDT Training Aids 
- Eddy Current Calculator (xls)

Technical paper and articles
- Simulation Software for NDT Training and Development (pdf)
- Simulation tools for the NDT community (pdf)

ATTAR Student Handbook
- ATTAR Student Handbook (pdf)

ATTAR Policies
- Privacy (pdf)
- Training Course Transfer & Refund Policy (pdf)
- Language, Literacy & Numeracy Policy (pdf)
- Student Code of Conduct Policy (pdf)
- Customer Complaint Resolution Procedure (pdf)
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Phone: +61 3 9574 6144 or 1 300 139 155 (when calling from within Australia) 
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