Forensic Materials Identification


Undesired contamination such as foreign particles, fibres, deposits, debris or discolouration, found on or within a product, can pose serious concerns and dissatisfaction for both the manufacturer and consumer.  Quick action is generally required to reassure customers and to protect your brand.

ATTAR is able to respond promptly to test and identify your contaminate, to then determine where it has most likely originated from, whether it be during manufacture, transportation or in-service.  Testing of a contaminate may involve any of our analytical techniques including chemical analysis (OES, EDS, FTIR) and inspection of the contaminate size and surface texture by imaging under stereographic and/or scanning electron microscope.

ATTAR currently works with companies in the food and beverage, flooring, industrial and retail industries to solve contamination complaints, so decisions can be made including:
- To fix a manufacturing production, product transportation or packaging issue
- To reassure the customer
- To initiate a product recall
- To investigate maintenance and cleaning procedures

Typical examples of contaminates ATTAR can identify include:
- Metals, Plastics, Glass, Ceramics, Grease, Rubbers, Composites, Coatings, Trace particulates, Fibres