In-Service Inspection of Air Receivers

In-Service Inspection of Air Receivers

For designated pressure equipment, many air receivers require scheduled statuary inspections to comply with Australian Standards (AS/NZS3788) and legislation. This course aims to assist inspectors in developing Air Receiver specific competencies to comply with the prescribed requirements

Learning Outcomes
The following areas will be covered with a specific focus on Air Receivers
- Inspector’s Responsibilities and Duties
- Inspection Safety
- Inspection Methodology
- Methods of inspection with a focus on
    - Digital Thickness gauging
    - Visual Inspection including Borescope Inspections
    - Magnetic Particle Inspection
    - Leak Testing
- Assessment of Integrity including
    - Acceptance criteria for imperfections.
    - Investigation of non-conformance, defects, deterioration and failures.
    - Determination of maximum working pressure or minimum allowable thickness. 
    - Determination of safe remaining life.
    - Hazard identification and risk assessment.
- Materials and Manufacture
- Common modes and causes of deterioration and failure
- Repairs, alterations (modifications), replacement and re-rating
- Documentation and reporting
- Code specific compliance with a focus on AS/NZ3788


In-Service Inspection of Air Receivers courses offered

In-service of Air Receivers Course
Training Hours: 40 hours (5 classroom days)
Course Pre-requisites: Basic Materials Technology knowledge
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