Liquid Penetrant

Liquid Penetrant (Level 1, 2 & 3)

In Liquid Penetrant, the test object or material is coated with a visible or fluorescent dye solution. The excess dye is removed from the surface and a developer which acts like a blotter is applied drawing penetrant out of imperfections open to the surface. With visible dyes, the vivid colour contrast between the penetrant and the developer is used. With fluorescent dyes an ultraviolet lamp is used to make the ‘bleed out’ fluoresce brightly allowing the imperfection to be seen readily.

Typical Applications
- Inspection of Castings
- Inspection of Forgings
- Inspection of Welds
- Inspection of Aerospace Components

Industries that use Liquid Penetrant Testing
- Service Inspection Companies
- Smelters & Foundries
- Rolling & Forging Mills
- Petro Chemical & Refineries
- Mining & Mineral Processing
- Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Government Bodies
- Engineering Firms
- Research & Development Facilities
- Education & Training
- Equipment Manufacture & Sales
- Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment


Liquid Penetrant Courses offered:

Liquid Penetrant Level 1 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 16 hours (2 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: LL&N
- Course Syllabus: Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 1 (PT1) (pdf)
- Enrolment Form: Liquid Penetrant Level1 (pdf)

Liquid penetrant Level 2 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 40 hours (5 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: Materials Technology*
- Course Syllabus: Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 2 (PT2) (pdf)
- Enrolment Form: Liquid Penetrant Level2 (pdf) 

Liquid Penetrant Level 3 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 40 hours (5 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: Current PT2
- Enrolment Form: Level 3 Course Enrolment Form (pdf) 


General Information

Recommended Pre Course Study
- Not Applicable

Pre Course Learning Tools and Assessments
- PreCourse LLN Revision Question Worksheet (pdf)
- PreCourse LLN Revision Answer Worksheet (pdf)
- Pre-course Assessment - Materials Technology (Multi-sector) Knowledge Test (pdf)

NDT Training Aids 
- Not Applicable

Technical paper and articles
- AS vs ASME - Surface Methods (pdf)
- Simulation Software for NDT Training and Development (pdf)
- Simulation tools for the NDT community (pdf)

ATTAR Student Handbook
- ATTAR Student Handbook (pdf)

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- Training Course Transfer & Refund Policy (pdf)
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