Phased Array Ultrasonics

Phased Array Ultrasonics (Level 2 & 3)

A mosaic of transducer elements in which the timing of the elements' excitation can be individually controlled to produce certain desired effects, such as steering the beam axis or focusing the beam. Phased Array is suitable in high speed electronic scanning without moving parts. It allows improved inspection capabilities through software control of beam characteristics and can inspect with multiple angles with a single, electronically controlled probe. Furthermore it provides greater flexibility for inspection of complex geometries by optimized focusing and beam angle.

Typical Applications
- Thickness Determination of Materials
- Inspection of Castings
- Inspection of Forgings
- Inspection of Welds
- Inspection of Aerospace Materials

Industries that use  Phased Array Ultrasonics Testing
- Service Inspection Companies
- Smelters & Foundries
- Rolling & Forging Mills
- Petro Chemical & Refineries
- Mining & Mineral Processing
- Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
- Government Bodies
- Engineering Firms
- Research & Development Facilities
- Education & Training
- Equipment Manufacture & Sales


Phased Array Ultrasonics Courses offered

Phased Array Ultrasonics Level 2 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 80 hours (10 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: UT2 Welds, Materials Technology*
- Course Syllabus:  Phased Array Ultrasonics (PAUT)
- Enrolment Form:  Phased Array Course Enrolment Form

Phased Array Ultrasonics Level 3 AINDT (ISO 9712)
- Training Hours: 24 hours (3 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: Current UT3 Welds, Current PA2
- Enrolment Form: Level 3 Course Enrolment Form (pdf) 


General Information

Recommended Pre-Course Study
- Basic Mathematics - Trigonometry and Algebra

Pre-Course Learning Tools and Assessments
- Pre-course Assessment - Materials Technology (Multi-sector) Knowledge Test (pdf)

NDT Training Aids 
- Phased Array Ultrasonics Visualisation Tool (xlsx)

Technical paper and articles
- Simulation Software for NDT Training and Development
- Simulation tools for the NDT community
- Focusing with Phased Array

ATTAR Student Handbook
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ATTAR Policies
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- Training Course Transfer & Refund Policy (pdf)
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