Radiation Safety

Radiography & Radiation Safety* 

Provide learners with knowledge of the principles of industrial radiographic testing, and to gain a detailed understanding of the hazards and safety procedures that must be applied when using X-ray and gamma ray equipment.

The training and examination provided on this course is accepted by the following states for licensing requirements - Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia* (For Western Australia, we are able to provide you with an appropriate examination supplied and assessed by the WA Radiological Council).


Radiation Safety Courses offered

Radiography & Radiation Safety in accordance with National Module EA612
- Training Hours: 40 hours (5 classroom days)
- Course Pre-requisites: Math²
- Course Syllabus: Radiography & Radiation Safety (RS)     
- Enrolment Form:  Radiography and Radiation Safety Course Enrolment Form


General Information

Recommended Pre-Course Study
- Basic Mathematics - Trigonometry and Algebra

Pre-Course Learning Tools and Assessments
- Pre Course Math - Questions
- Pre Course Math - Answers
- Pre-course Assessment - Materials Technology (Multi-sector) Knowledge Test (pdf)

NDT Training Aids 
- Radiography Contrast (xls)
- Radiation Safety - Shielding & Distance (xls)
- Radiography Calculations (xls)
- Radiography Unsharpness (xls)
- Radiography Depth - Rigid Method (xls)

Technical paper and articles
- RT - The UGly side of Radiography

ATTAR Student Handbook
- ATTAR Student Handbook (pdf)

ATTAR Policies
- Privacy (pdf)
- Training Course Transfer & Refund Policy (pdf)
- Language, Literacy & Numeracy Policy (pdf)
- Student Code of Conduct Policy (pdf)
- Customer Complaint Resolution Procedure (pdf)
- Website Disclaimer Policy (pdf)

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Phone: +61 3 9574 6144 or 1 300 139 155 (when calling from within Australia) 
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