Duty of Care

In the early 1990’s ATTAR provided expert advice on a slip case which resulted in the largest ever payout for personal injuries due to a slip incident in Australia. The draft Australian Standard introduced in this case had initially been drawn up by ATTAR prior to establishment of a Standards Australia committee. Today, with over 30 years experience in the field, we work with Clients on product compliance, risk assessment and risk mitigation programs to ensure that they meet their ‘Duty of Care’ requirements.

Slips, trips and falls are a major health and safety concern in Australia due to their high rate of occurrence in the workplace and public areas. Slip testing is the first step in the risk management process to reduce, if not eliminate, as best as practicable the probability of personal injury and potential litigation. ATTAR’s extensive capability allows for in-house and in-situ testing. All reports are issued within 24 hours of testing and are NATA approved. Our reports include a complete interpretation of results and are signed by dual signatories (approved technician and senior reviewer) to ensure that the highest standard of service delivery is maintained. As an ATTAR Customer you have access to ATTAR’s Consulting Engineering team for technical support and advice on your products and surfaces.