David Padfield

Snr Materials & Testing Engineer

David Padfield is ATTAR’s Senior Materials & Testing Engineer with 15 years experience; involved in materials failure investigations, metallurgical examinations and slip resistance testing. He has conducted accident and incident investigations in relation to legal matters, including inspections for compliance to relevant Standards and Codes.



David S. Padfield
BEng (Mat) Hons, MIEAust, Cert. IV TAA, SNT-TC-1A Level II AE
Senior Materials and Testing Engineer 

email    davidpadfield@attar.com.au
phone   03 9574 6144
mobile  0438 746 133




  • Preparation and provision of Expert reports compliant with Court requirements.
  • Investigations in to personal injuries, with regard to equipment and surrounding compliance with Codes and Standards.
  • Detailed investigations into small or large-scale mechanical and structural failures to determine root cause.
  • Determination of component compliance with specification and fitness for purpose.
  • Utilising specialised and unique materials characterisation equipment, enabling full and detailed material composition and strength determination.
  • Examination and testing of large structures within the mining, power generation and transmission industries for fitness for purpose using unique non-destructive methods.

Recent projects

  • Acoustic emission testing - Tank floor, pressure vessel and ammonia tank testing.
  • Product compliance and verification testing - Material, mechanical and chemical properties of finished components.
  • Slips, trips and falls - Incident investigation and expert report.
  • Automotive failures - Material assessment of failed components and expert witness report.
  • Glass failures - Identification of the root cause of spontaneous glass failure including those associated with Nickle Sulphide inclusions.
  • Plumbing failures - Piping and fitting failures resulting in flood and property damage.
  • Transmission Line Corrosion Monitoring WA

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